USU Charter Credit Union

198 North Main Street
Logan, UT 84321
Phone: (435) 713-1886

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About Us

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It's easy to join the USU Charter Credit Union. Complete these two steps.

1) Begin by choosing one of these options for the membership application:

2) Finalize your membership by coming in with your identification and making your opening deposit of $25.

You qualify for membership in the USU Charter Credit Union (USUCCU) if you, or an immediate family member, or a member of your household meets any one of the following qualifications;

  • Any person who lives, works (or regularly conducts business in), worships, attends school, or volunteers in the designated area in Cache County click here for map; or
  • An employee of Utah State University (USU) or an employee of a firm which has contracts with USU; or
  • A student of USU or a USU program â?? these programs include all classes through USU or through USU Extension (summer citizen classes, cheerleader camps, 4-H participants, etc); or
  • A volunteer in any USU program or USU auxiliary which includes (but is not limited to) any USU Extension program or educational series;
  • Someone who is a Sustaining Volunteer of USU Extension (Sustaining Volunteer application forms are available at any Extension office or any USUCCU facility); or
  • An employee or contractor of Jones/Simpkins LLP, an employee of Hyclone Laboratories, or an employee of ICON Health and Fitness; or
  • A pensioner or retiree from any of the above groups; or
  • A spouse of a person who died while within the USUCCU field of membership; or
  • A volunteer in any of the above organizations; or
  • Presently a member of USUCCU.

Your organization, or business, is eligible for membership in the USUCCU if any of the following criteria are met:

  • It is located in the designated area in Cache County click here for map; or   
  • It consists of individuals who qualify for membership under any of the above criteria; or
  • It is comprised of present members of USUCCU.

Note: There may be other ways a person or organization can join USU Charter Credit Union.  Contact us by email or phone 753-4080 or come into any of our convenient offices for more information.

Map for USU Charter Credit Union
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