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About Us

The World's Largest Fly

About seven years ago, RoundRocks acquired a sculpture that has become known as "The World's Largest Fly." After checking with the Guiness World Record folks, we have to confess that they won't recognize our claim, since the "world's largest" anything has to be made with the same material as the original. And we have not been able to find a 30 foot chicken! So we call our giant fly "The Undisputed World's Largest Fly." If you know of one larger, we'd love to hear about it!

Meanwhile, here is some information on our Giant Fly:
Length: 32' 6" Hook Shank: 22' long Hook Gap: 7' 6" Hackle: Stands 12' 6" off the ground and is 8' in diameter Weight: Exceeds three tons

Come and visit us under the World's Largest Fly!


About Us

Since 1996, RoundRocks Fly Fishing has provided high quality fly fishing equipment and supplies to fly fishing enthusiasts throughout the country. From our quality fly rods and reels, to our complete line of hand-tied flies and all the gear needed for your next fishing adventure, our business focus is on you, the fly fisher.  We carry a complete line of very high quality trout flies for lakes, rivers and streams across the country. And we are constantly adding new patterns that are developed by a number of our fly-tying friends.

You will also enjoy some of our new products including new fishing theme gift items, new soaps and lotions designed for fly fishers, and other fly fishing supplies that can make your next trip to the river more enjoyable. 

Roundrock's Commitment to the Environment

The name Roundrocks reflects our awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting our natural resources. Nature took tens of thousands of years to sculpt those smooth round rocks that we have learned to respect. Unless these treasured resources of water, fish, and natural habitats are respected, the work that took millennia to create could be lost in a single generation. By promoting the sport of fly fishing and introducing fly fishing to new generations, and by promoting catch and release practices, we believe we can pass on our love of the sport to others who will continue to care for the environments that give us wonder, pleasure, and a connection to the earth.

Why the Name RoundRocks?

RoundRocks: smooth, round, river rocks. Hold one in your hand. In its coolness you can almost feel the millions of miles of water that have poured over its surface, each drop etching away at its hard exterior, each tumble taking its toll.

The rock speaks of a history that we can only imagine. From which cliff did it fall? What force wrenched it from its parent? How far has it traveled? How many fish have foraged at its edge? How many feet has it supported as they crossed the waters deep? How many hands have held it? Is yours the first?

At Round Rocks we have an immense respect for each river, lake, and stream we visit. We stand in awe of the eons of time and the multitude of powers that have come together to create the pristine beauty we enjoy. We are humbled by the circumstances which have brought us to its shore and we realize what an impact our tiny moment of time can have upon these ancient yet delicately balanced habitats. We endeavor to be constant in our responsibility to nurture and protect these leave them as we found them, or improved if others have neglected that stewardship.

These rocks stand as a sentinel reminder, a reminder of a magnificent history; a reminder that to revere the past is to safeguard the future, a future of unlimited promise for the untold generations that will follow.

That is why we have named our company RoundRocks.

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