Rex Kwon Do DoJo

Bow to your Sensei!

54 West 4th South
Preston, ID
Phone: (208) 851-0053

About Us

I would like to introduce myself my name is Patrick V. Zook I am currently the bakery manager for Stokes Marketplace in Preston and have also given many years as a volunteer in many organizations such as the Ambulance service as an EMT, Fire department as a fireman, Reserve sheriffs deputy and a member of the search and rescue group and I have served as a board member on the chamber of commerce. Being a volunteer in your community not only helps the community but it also helps you make your community a better and safer place to live. I have also been in Martial Arts for 17 years, 5 learning and 12 teaching. I have recently Semi-retired but before I did my dojo was used in a movie Napoleon Dynamite and I also had a small part in it as well, if you have seen it or you watch it I am the one in the Rex Kwon Do commercial(I kick Rex in the groin and he slaps a gun out of my hand and at Kip's wedding you can see me behind Grandma, Uncle Rico and Pedro). So I have decided to start this web site and offer Rex Kwon Do item's. If there is something you are looking for but don't see then let us know and thank you for stopping by. Patrick V. Zook


The Real Rex Kwon Do Shirt - Front
The Real Rex Kwon Do Shirt - Back

The Real Rex Kwon Do Shirt

Front: "I'm The Real Rex Kwon Do ONLY BETTER"
Back: "Bow To Your Sensei BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!"


Map for Rex Kwon Do DoJo
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