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About Us

How Do Color, Shape, Numbers and Words Affect The Your Business? Anyone can create a pretty brochure but most of your money is wasted if comprehensive marketing strategies don't go along with it to make it successful. At The Image Foundry we'll teach you how to use your marketing dollars more affectively to grow sales. Visit www.IFmarketing.com for our revolutionary approach to business development now. Or read some of our blog posts for a new perspective on marketing. Image Foundry Blog. The Internet Dark Ages Blog You'll agree there is a better way to market than just spending money on printing. Or email us at Danis@IFmarketing.com !http://www.IFmarketing.com/images/CircleOfMarketing.gif!



â?¢ Direct Marketing Are you maximizing your marketing powers? Direct Marketing (DM) can get you where you want to be! With DM you can sell more stuff to more people more often and for higher profits. We'll show you how by giving you a guide that explains howâ??call now! or download our direct marketing (DM) brochure hereand see how you can double your business with direct marketing.

â?¢ Internal Marketing Strategies (IMS) Get your customers to buy more stuff more often for higher profits. More is a good thing! But to succeed you must combine all of the above with IMS. Internal marketing strategies are the quickest way to jump start your business no matter the season. How? Call now! (435) 881.4770. We'll give you a book that will show you how to avoid discounted sales in order to bring in more traffic and when to have a sale for higher profits. Read more about internal marketing strategies (IMS) and see how they can save you marketing money.

â?¢ Copywriting & Graphic Design Copywriting & graphic design are both vital parts of the marketing equation. After your employees have been prepared to meet your customer, after your marketing strategies have been developed then come writing and design time.


â?¢ e-marketing

â?¢ Speaking

â?¢ Market research

â?¢ Market planning

â?¢ Media buying

â?¢ Print buying discounts

â?¢ Retail development

â?¢ Packaging & product development

â?¢ Employee Training Your employees are your #1 asset! When they are working harder and loving it, your profits are higher. Keep them working at peak productivity. Sign them up for the "Excellence In The Workplace" training classes! Call today (435) 881.4770 and we'll give you a guide that will help you get your employees to work harder and love doing it. See how employee training can make you more money & save you thousands now! Download Our Employee Training Brochure

â?¢ Customer Serivce Training Your customers are your #1 asset! Are you treating them as if they are? You can immediately increase profits by strengthening your customer service practices. Call today and we'll show you how. We'll give you a guide that will show you how to get your customers to pay more and do it happily. See how improving your customers service can grow profits now.


â?¢ Sign Pro listing -(435) 755-6940

â?¢ Square One Printing - listing - Website

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