Water From Air ~ It's Always There!

41 E 400 N, #332
Logan, UT 84321
Phone: (435) 755-5928

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About Us

Introducing The Most Innovative, Most Needed Product Ever Created! Are You Ready to Stop Wasting Money on Bottled Water? Are You Ready for a More Pure Water? Are You Ready to Help Clean Up the Environment? Q: How does the XZIEX™ work? A: Our machines extract moisture from the atmosphere through a condensation process and transform it into absolutely pure, healthy drinking water. A recent United Nations report stateWith devices capable of producing from one to five thousand gallons of water daily, safe, pure drinking water can now be made available in places where none has existed before. In pursuit of our belief that “all people need and deserve access to safe and pure water” we continue to seek newer and more advanced technologies to make this goal a reality. We are dedicated to providing economical, safe, pure, drinking water to consumers all around the globe.
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