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About Us

Welcome to the law firm of Hallock & Hallock, a professional corporation Founded in 1996, Hallock & Hallock has become one of the top real estate, business and estate planning law firms in northern Utah. Hallock & Hallock has attorneys licensed in Utah, Arizona and Idaho and services clients from throughout the nation in those states. Attorneys at Hallock & Hallock practice in the areas of general business matters; business start up and planning; business transactions; business litigation; commercial real estate transactions; residential real estate transactions; commercial leases; residential leases; real estate litigation; environmental law; local government law; land use and zoning law; estate planning; probate; and education.

The attorneys and staff at Hallock & Hallock are dedicated to providing high quality legal services in an honest and professional manner. At Hallock & Hallock we know that each Client is unique and deserves individual attention. As you search for solutions to your legal concerns, we will use our talents and resources to help you succeed. We invite you to join the growing number of businesses and individuals that have come to rely on the creativity and innovation of the attorneys and staff at Hallock & Hallock.

Mission Statement Our mission is, and always has been simple, to provide the best legal services possible. This dedication to quality manifests itself in the service we provide to Clients like you.


Business Matters Real Estate & Enviromental Land Use/Development & Zoning Local Government Law Education Estate Planning & Probate h2. Business Matters Whether your business is small or large, new or established it will be involved in transactions with legal consequences. Your business deserves the solid legal advice and guidance that can come from using the experienced attorneys at Hallock & Hallock. Hallock & Hallock counsels Clients in the following areas: * General Business Matters * Choice of Entity * Corporate Formation * LLC Formation * LLC Operating Agreements * Partnership Agreements * Buy-Sell Agreements * Family Business Succession * Dissolution Issues * Licensing Agreements * Distribution Agreements * Employment Agreements * Business Sales * Asset Purchase Agreements * Stock Purchase Agreements * Non-competition Agreements * Confidentiality Agreements * Service Agreements * Contract Disputes h2. Real Estate & Enviromental Real estate transactions involve many complex and challenging issues from financing to environmental questions to title issues. Only an experienced attorney can truly provide the quality advice you require while looking out solely for your interests. Making sure you get the right legal advice can help ensure that your deal works out the way you expect. Hallock & Hallock has an extensive and diverse real estate practice that includes representation of clients in connection with all facets of the acquisition, disposition, financing, development, leasing, and operation of real property including: * Purchases and Sales (Commercial and Residential) * 1031 (Like Kind) Exchanges * Deeds * Environmental Issues * Wetlands * Leases (Commercial and Residential) * Construction Contracts & Mechanicâ??s Liens * Homeowner/Community Associations * Condominiums * Adult Communities * Subdivision Approval * Planned Communities * Real Estate Finance Transactions * Foreclosures * Conservation Easements * Title Issues * Title Insurance Matters * Construction Contracts * Boundary & Access Disputes * Easement/Right of Way Disputes * Quiet Title Actions * Fair Housing h2. Land Use/Development & Zoning At Hallock & Hallock we are deeply committed to the belief that private property rights are fundamental to a free society. We are committed to vigorously defending the rights of property owners while at the same time strongly encouraging our clients to consider ideas and undertake actions that are beneficial to communities as a whole. At Hallock & Hallock we have represented a wide variety of clients, such as contractors, developers, real property owners and buyers, home owners, business owners, local governments and citizens groups in various land use and zoning matters. We are particularly proud of our work with residential homes for the disabled and ensuring that they are given the full measure of protection to which they are entitled under the Fair Housing Act. Other projects have included: * Conditional/Special Use Permits * Building Permits * Variances * Non-conforming (grandfathered) Uses * Annexations * Subdivision Approvals * Development Agreements * Condominiums * Group Homes for the Disabled * Adult Communities * Opposition to Illegal Developments * Condemnation/Eminent Domain Proceedings * Appeals h2. Local Government Law Attorneys at Hallock & Hallock have assisted both local government and private citizens in matters involving: * Preparation of Ordinances * Incorporation * Annexation * Land Use/Development and Zoning * Elections * Bonding * Condemnation/Eminent Domain * Government Records * Open Meetings h2. Education Attorneys at Hallock & Hallock have extensive experience representing individuals and districts as well as serving as third party neutrals. Matters handled include: * Due Process Hearings * Section 504/IDEA * School Policies and Procedures Estate Planning & Probate Regardless of the size of your estate Hallock & Hallock can help you come up with a plan that meets your needs. You and your family are unique and deserve individualized attention, not a one size fits all document. If you already have a plan please review it regularly to ensure that it still meets your needs. We encourage an annual â??check-upâ? to ensure your plan stays up to date. Please visit Hallock & Hallock for any of the following needs: * Revocable Living Trusts * Life Insurance Trusts * Charitable Trusts * Wills * Durable Power of Attorneys * Health Care Power of Attorney * Health Care Directives/Living Wills * Family Business Succession * Trust Administration Services * Probates Services * Guardianships and Conservatorships (Minors and Adults) * Review of Current Estate Plans * Codicils/Amendments and Restatements to current Estate Plans
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