Global Accessories Inc

80 Golf Course
Logan, UT 843233656
Phone: (435) 752-1000
Fax: (435) 752-5777

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About Us

!! Manufacturer of Soft Automotive, Truck & SUV Accessories. We own the following brands:

â?¢ LeBra

â?¢ DashMat

â?¢ Wolf Automotive

â?¢ Wolf Marine

â?¢ Wolf Power Sports

â?¢ Rail Tonneau by LeBra

â?¢ Downey Products

â?¢ Tonn-o-rac

â?¢ Spidy Gear

â?¢ Gator Net

â?¢ Premier Floor Mats â?¢ Carg-o-rac

â?¢ and more.

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